From Financial Stress To Financial Success!

Does it sometimes feel like your finances are standing in the way of your happiness?

One minute you’re excited and proud that you got the loan or the mortgage or you’ve paid the deposit on a car or holiday with your family.

But it’s short-lived because the next minute your stressed out because the mortgage repayment is due and so is an unexpected bill (plus a bunch of other expenses).

Confidence is not normally a word that goes with spending.
In fact, 90 per cent of everyday people like you don’t feel confident about spending their (very) hard-earned money at all.  They spend it – but they feel guilty about it.

And that guilt eats them up inside even though they have a new pair of shoes, or a hobby or even a well-earned holiday.

And it really shouldn’t be like that at all because you work hard to pay your bills, make sure your children have everything they need, especially a good education, and strive to get ahead.


What I found when I was in this situation was that the harder I worked, the more hours I did and the bigger promotions and more money I got, only left me in more debt and more stressed out.

Hi, I’m Mark Barnes, from Greater Finance, and I’m also a Spend Planner. My sole purpose in life and business is to help you spend your money on the items that are important to you and will have an impact on your life

– a house, holiday, new car, kids activities or education, or just extra money to spend on a new dress or your hobby!

I Get Where You Are Now . . .

because I’ve been there too and it’s frustrating and worrying.

Let me ask you this: When you look at your bank account, how do you feel?


To get out of this rut, most people set up a budget and start slaving away at it, saving every dollar they can find, cutting back on the things they love to do and have. 

But there’s a catch with budgeting – it doesn’t work! 

Why? Because it’s restrictive and only shares the theory with you that if you do this and that, cut back here and there, stop the morning coffee or going out for dinner once a week, that you will have everything you want and need in life. 

What budgeting does not do is tell you How to pay your bills on time and with Confidence.

 And that’s where you get into trouble, because your budget says one thing and your bank account says another.

But there is a solution that will leave you feeling confident!

How awesome would it feel if you could spend your hard-earned money confidently?

And when you looked at your bank balance you felt:

Because you can pay your bills on time, know all of the unexpected expenses are covered and you can also have that holiday, car, house, renovation, kids’ education or dress that you want in your life.

Would you like some tips and steps on how you can achieve this?

Get the free SPEND CONFIDENTLY guide today

I’ve created a free download for you called "spend confidently: How to spend your money without feeling guilty "
It’s designed to help you stop budgeting and worrying about how you will pay your bills on time, while working towards all the things you want and need.

This Value-Packed Guide will help understand:

  • The 5 simple steps to spend confidently with zero guilt
  • How spend planning can help you and why budgeting sucks
  • The framework for financial success – it takes 15 minutes a day to implement
  • How to save and spend at the same time
  • How to have leftover money for fun every week
Get my free guide, " Spend confidently: How to spend your money without feeling guilty", here and start implementing the steps today

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